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Few things are more devastating to home or business owners than frozen water pipes. During winter, our homes and businesses are susceptible to ruptured pipes. Especially in areas like the Midwest. However, even property owners in the Southern US are at risk because extreme cold is rare but does occur occasionally. For example, Texas experienced this in February 2021. Every county in Texas from the northern border to the Rio Grande was under a winter storm warning. Temperatures plummeted to near zero–even in South Texas. This led to a multi-billion-dollar weather disaster. It became infamously known as The Great Texas Freeze. Therefore, regardless of where you live in the lower 48, it’s important to implement frozen water pipe prevention. Read on to learn the best tips to help prevent your pipes from freezing this winter!

Which Pipes Are at a Higher Risk of Freezing

Pipes in certain areas of your home or business are more susceptible to cold spells. These areas include:

  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Exterior walls

These areas are susceptible because they’re typically interior unheated spaces. However, there are many different ways to protect your pipes before old man winter strikes.

Frozen water pipe prevention. An image of a frozen pipe.

How to Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

The following are a few tips to minimize the chances of frozen pipes this winter. Frozen pipes are a concern when temperatures fall below about 20F, especially in areas like South Texas, Florida, and areas along the Gulf Coast where these temperatures or rare.

  • Install pipe insulation
  • Allow outside spigots and indoor faucets to drip
  • Keep garage doors closed
  • Open up kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Never let your thermostat drop below 55F

These are simple and cost-effective ways to save yourself thousands of dollars in potential insurance claims. Pipe insulation costs only about 50 cents per linear foot. Running your heat a little higher may slightly increase your heating bill but it’s far worth it to lower your risk of a pipe break.

Opening a cabinet to prevent frozen water pipes

Long-term tips to prevent your pipes from freezing include installing additional insulation to your attic, new windows, sealing/recaulking any cracks, and weather stripping in door frames.

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