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Reconstruction Services

Mitigating the damage caused by water, fire, and mold is only half of the process when restoring a property. At Legacy Restoration, LLC, we see the project from beginning to end by providing reconstruction following our emergency services. We effectively restore your property to its pre-loss condition through reconstruction processes.

What Does the Property Damage Reconstruction Process Look Like?

Once mitigation, remediation, and cleaning are complete, the final step is to rebuild the property and return it to its pre-damaged condition. This process often involves carpentry, electrical, plumbing, flooring installation, painting, roofing, and finish work. The main steps in the process include the following.

  1. Project Manager Assignment: A reconstruction project manager (PM) is assigned to the customer and reaches out to make contact with the property owner. The PM schedules an appointment for an estimate.
  2. Inspection: The PM arrives at the scheduled time and does an inspection of the property to determine the necessary scope of work for the reconstruction phase.
  3. Estimate Creation: An estimate is built over the following days and presented to the property owner and insurance adjuster.
  4. Estimate Approval: Once the estimate is approved, reconstruction is then scheduled.
  5. Reconstruction Begins: Reconstruction is a multi-phase process over several weeks. The length of this process and the steps involved are dependent on the scope of work for each unique project.
  6. Final Walkthrough: Once the reconstruction process is complete, the PM does a final walkthrough with the property owner to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Legacy Restoration, LLC Is Your Clear Choice for Property Damage Reconstruction

With offices throughout Florida, our experienced team at Legacy Restoration, LLC is ready to guide you through the reconstruction process. We understand the convenience and simplicity of working with a single contractor from beginning to end.

Reach out to us today for all of your property damage reconstruction needs!