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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage presents a stressful situation. If you’ve never experienced one as a property owner, it feels intimidating and frightening. These events happen at any time and are caused by events like natural flooding, pipe breaks, sewage backups, slab leaks, and leaky roofs. When these situations occur, it’s crucial that you don’t try to handle the water damage yourself.

Water follows the path of least resistance and ends up inside wall cavities, behind baseboards, under cabinets, and any other crevice it finds. Additionally, wicking occurs, allowing moisture to move up drywall, and soak into furniture, flooring, and even concrete. Therefore, trying to remove or dry water up with box fans and open windows is not sufficient.

Proper dry-out requires specialized drying equipment and trained professionals. Moreover, depending on the moisture source (contaminated water versus clean water), further demolition may be required to return your home or business to a safe, livable condition. It’s essential to depend on trained and trusted professionals when you’re faced with water damage.

Time is also of the essence during water damage. Time and temperature are your enemies in these situations. These conditions promote microbial growth (mold and bacteria) which exacerbates an already unfortunate situation. Again, even clean water sources from a sink tap, or water supply line result in contaminated water in as little as 18-24 hours, depending on temperature and the cleanliness of the property.

Our Water Damage Restoration Service

At Legacy Restoration, our Water Damage Restoration services include the following.

  1. Assessment: Our team arrives on-site within 90 minutes of receiving the call, assesses the water damage, and develops an effective and efficient action plan.
  2. Begin Extraction and Dryout: We use specialized equipment to begin extracting standing water and facilitating drying.
  3. Dehumidification: We set the proper amount of dehumidifiers to increase the room temperature and facilitate evaporation.
  4. Cleaning and Anti-Microbial Treatment: We take care of necessary demolition, clean the affected areas, and treat them with anti-microbial chemicals to prevent potential mold growth.
  5. Restoration and Repairs: Once the water mitigation is complete, we provide restoration and repairs to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Legacy Restoration Is Your Go-To for Water Damage Restoration

At Legacy Restoration, LLC, we understand that every water damage situation is unique. Whether your property is a single-story home or a 30-story highrise, our experienced and knowledgeable team has you covered!

We have decades of combined experience providing water damage mitigation services across the United States. Based in Florida, we proudly serve the Southeast, Southwest, and Great Lakes regions.

Contact us 24/7 if you’ve experienced any type of water damage.

Why It's Important to Properly Deal with Water Damage



Secondary Damage

An image of secondary damage on a floor from water damage

Water damage must be handled quickly. Even if water originated from a clean water source, bacteria, and contaminants grow quickly within the first 24 hours. Failure to act immediately leads to significant secondary damage.

Mold Growth

An image with mold on the wall.

When water damage is left unchecked, it leads to microbial growth. This threatens your property and your health.


A picture of property owners meeting with their insurance agent.

You have an obligation as the property owner to quickly and efficiently deal with water damage. Insurance carriers may deny your claim if they determine that you didn’t act reasonably to mitigate your water damage.