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Biohazard Services


Biohazard/trauma cleanup is a sensitive situation. Our experienced and kind team is equipped to respond to any type of biohazard situation. No family members or friends should be faced with having to clean up as a result of a loved one’s death. With over 75 years of combined experience, we’re your go-to team in times of crisis.

Types of Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup

We provide biohazard/trauma cleanup for the following types of situations.

  • Accidental death
  • Undiscovered death
  • Suicide
  • Crime scenes
  • Spilled blood
  • Hazardous material
  • Decomposition

What Does the Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup Process Look Like?

Due to the health concerns of biohazardous contamination, our certified professionals follow specific guidelines and use specialized techniques and equipment to effectively and safely remove hazards. This process includes the following steps.

  1. Assessment: After receiving the call, we arrive on-site and assess the situation. We must first determine the extent of the damage and the scope of the cleanup. We evaluate the affected areas of the property and develop a safe and effective plan for cleanup.
  2. Cleanup: Wearing specialized personal protective equipment (PPE), we meticulously and methodically remove and dispose of all hazardous materials. The affected areas are then properly cleaned and disinfected.
  3. Restoration: Once the removal of the contaminated materials is complete, any removed structural materials like flooring, drywall, cabinets, etc. is replaced by our reconstruction team.

Why Choose Legacy Restoration, LLC for Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup?

When you choose Legacy Restoration, LLC for your Biohazard/Trauma cleanup, you can expect the following.

  1. Discretion: Our caring and professional staff is discrete and aware of the sensitive nature of these types of situations.
  2. Experience: We are trained and equipped to handle the cleanup of tragic events like suicide, accidental death, undiscovered death, and crime scenes.
  3. Thorough Cleaning: We thoroughly clean and sanitize the affected areas to keep you and your family safe.
  4. Emergency Response: We understand that these events don’t always happen during daytime business hours. Therefore, we’re ready 24/7 to respond to any trauma/biohazard cleanup needs.

Trust Legacy Restoration, LLC for Your Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup Needs

We will help you through these traumatic events and keep you and your family safe. We quickly and effectively restore your property and return it to a healthy environment. With locations all over Florida, we’re ready to respond 24/7 for all of your biohazard/trauma cleanup needs.

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