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Most Floridians are familiar with mold. One reason mold is so abundant in Florida is because of latitude and the fact that it’s a peninsula. Our climate is characterized by long, hot, and humid summers followed by mild winters. South Florida is tropical with a pronounced rainy season and dry season. North Central Florida is subtropical with high humidity and significant rain during the summer months. Over the years of working in the restoration industry, we’ve discovered that there are a lot of common misconceptions about mold. Read on to learn what they are!

What Are the Most Common Misconceptions About Mold?

mold resto desatThere are numerous misconceptions about mold but the following are the most common.

  • Kilz and bleach effectively take care of mold
  • The only bad type of mold is black mold
  • Your home shouldn’t have any mold in it

First Misconception: Kilz and Bleach Effectively Take Care of Mold

A common misconception is that painting over mold with Kilz or spraying it with bleach are effective ways to treat mold contamination. Kilz might be a helpful way to prevent potential microbial growth but it’s not effective at treating mold contamination. Bleach and Kilz are both capable of killing mold but they don’t remove the toxicity associated with mold. Spores from dead mold are just as toxic and harmful to human health as live mold.

Therefore, mold must not just be killed but it must be removed. Effective mold removal requires a meticulous process to avoid cross-contamination and spreading mold to other parts of a home or business.

Second Misconception: The Only Bad Type of Mold Is Black Mold

Another common misconception about mold manifests itself in the usage of the term “black mold.” Black mold is simply an overly misused term. The reality is that there are thousands of different types of molds of varying colors and characteristics that contain mycotoxins. Black-colored mold isn’t the only indicator of a toxic mold. Any species of mold is capable of causing human health issues or adverse reactions. Therefore, the overabundance of any species of mold should be properly removed from your home.

Another Myth: Your Home Shouldn’t Have Any Mold in It

This brings us to our last common misconception about mold. Many people are under the assumption that a “healthy” home has zero mold present. This is simply untrue. Mold is present in the natural environment and the density of mold varies from location to location — even within the same town or neighborhood.

Therefore, mold only becomes a problem in your home when the interior mold concentrations outweigh those found immediately outside of your home in the surrounding environment.

When mold testing is performed, industrial hygienists are comparing air samples from your home with those present outdoors. The goal during mold remediation services is to restore mold levels in your home to those of the surrounding environment.

Legacy Restoration Is Your Clear Choice for Mold Remediation in Florida

At Legacy Restoration, our team has decades of combined experience dealing with mold contamination in homes and buildings. We work with local industrial hygienists to develop effective protocols and follow industry best practices to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation for mold remediation services!